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Ombersley & Doverdale Parish Councillors
The following are the current serving council members for
Ombersley & Doverdale Parish:

 Mr. W. T. Arnold 
 Mrs. H. Barningham (Vice Chairman)  Email
 Mr. M. J. H. Best  Email 
 Mr. F. Cody  Email   
 Mrs. S Collier Email 
 Mrs. J Goodman (Chairman)  Email
 Mr. D. Ingram Email
 Mr. C.J. Mckenzie-Rowan  Email
 Mr. P. Reynolds  Email
 Mr. R. Reynolds  Email
 Mr J. Ringe Email
 Mrs. B. J. Serrell  Email
 Mr C. Welch  Email
 Cllr  P. Tomlinson            District Councillor Email
 Cllr P Tomlinson              County Councillor Email
 Mr.   J. Jordan                Clerk to the Council Email The Clerk

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Finance Committee Chairman - Cllr M J H Best
Path Warden - Cllr P Reynolds
Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator - Cllr Mrs J Goodman
Neighbourhood Plan Co-ordinators - Cllr Mrs S Collier, Cllr Mrs J Goodman.
Ombersley Memorial Hall Representative - Cllr W T Arnold
Sytchampton Village Hall Representative - Cllr Mr F Cody
Lloyds Educational Foundation Representatives - Cllr Mrs H Barningham, Mrs Bell, Mr T Checketts, Cllr Mr R Reynolds, Mr J Silvester
Tree Warden - John Silvester



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